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How to: Apply



To prep, push cuticles back with the wooden stick, then, file and buff the top of your natural nail to rough up the surface and finally wipe clean with the alcohol wipe. This also aids in the dehydration of nails for a better bond.

Choose the correct size Les Tomes nail to fit each of your nail beds and lay out ready for application. If needed, file the lower side edges to line up with your cuticle line.

Glue / Adhesive Tab

For long-term wear (2-3 weeks) apply an even layer of glue to the back of the Les Tomes Nail and your natural nail.

Apply glue to one nail at a time, apply the nail and then repeat the process.

For short-term wear (1-3 days) use adhesive tabs. Stick tab onto nail and smooth it out. Then, remove the transparent film from the top of the tab.

press on nails nz


Align to your cuticle at a 45 degree angle and press firmly. Hold for 20 sec.

When both hands are complete, some nails need a quick file to remove any excess plastic on the tip left from manufacturing.

Avoid water for 1-2 hours until fully bonded. 

Keep remaining nails and tools in the signature Les Tomes pouch for on the go adjustments.

How to: Customise

Style it your way

Love the design but don't love the shape? Customise to suit your style.

We made most designs medium-long so you can file or trim them at any time.

See Accessories:

  • Glass File for minor adjustments to shape & shorten.
  • Nail Cutter for larger length adjustments to save endless filing. 

TIP: Les Tomes can be filed from the top or bottom to shorten the length of the nails without losing the design.


From Almond to Square

To square off the top of your nails, simply insert the nail into the nail cutter at a 90 degree angle. Choose the length adjustment to your desired look. Sold separately.

From Almond to Round

To reduce the pointed tip and round your nails slightly, use the nail file provided in your set, or for a quicker result, use our glass nail file. Sold separately.

From Almond to Short

For a shorter almond, simply insert the nail into the nail cutter at a 45 degree angle and press the handle to cut tip. Nail cutters sold separately.

How to: Remove



Mix warm water, olive oil (or any kitchen or beauty oil) and hand soap in a small bowl. Relax with your nails soaking for 10-15 mins.


Lift the sides of each nail gently with the cuticle stick to remove. If not moving, soak for longer. Do not force off. This can damage your natural nail.


Buff away any excess glue and polish your natural nails with our glass nail file. Massage in cuticle oil. Wait one day before reapplying a new set.